The Names of the Robots in Chris Nolan’s Interstellar

Chris Nolan’s new film Interstellar is amazing. Go see it. My friend Donny wrote a pretty good review on it, so I won’t get into the nitty-gritty. Without spoiling too much, this film has some witty and iconic and arguably cute robots as characters, which is something you guys know I love. The names of these robots, […]

Mega Man 2, or: How the NES Was Won

Mega Man 2 is not the greatest game of all time. Objectively, that title belongs to Bubsy 3D. Mega Man 2 probably comes in second place. Here’s why:


is one of the most trivial, cliché, and now damn near meaningless words in our entire language. An older version of this story was originally titled Bad Writing, which was the most pretentious thing I’d ever done as a writer. It beat this title & introduction combination by only a very small margin. Here’s the […]

Mighty Number 9 and its Implications

I love Mega Man. You can see the two of us high fiving at the top of the page. He’s been having a rough time, but as of late, things are starting to look up for the guy. Not too long ago, he was finally included in Smash Bros. And now, just yesterday, the Mighty […]

The Dream Machine (Old Draft)

You guys want some robots? You guys want some philosophy? Well, here’s a story about BOTH! Just imagine the implications of a robot who can dream! So click read more, (or just scroll down if you were linked to this page directly) and enjoy.