If you check the top menu, you’ll see I added a link called “grayspaces.” At first, it might be a little bit disconcerting, as it immediately takes you away from the main layout of the rest of this website. But that’s okay. Concerts are loud and bad for your ears. Sorry. Anyway, I’m putting weird […]

One Breath

the song of angels cascades across the clearing skies tearing apart the towers of the elder gods and the debtor’s prison of our three headed masters while the rubble falls down upon the heads of priests who raise a hand in disgust with the other one pocketed clutching at nothing having faith that its something […]

The Lighthouse

Atop the tower, their blades clash, but beneath them the flowers grow just as sure as the rain that falls.  

The War Is Over

Welp, I promised more updates, so here’s a poem I’ve recently been working with a bit. I’ve been calling it “We Made It,” but it really isn’t titled. Here you go! A special thanks to Liz Danchik for the associated image. You can find more of her work here.   Strap yourself into a fancy […]