Paint & Ashes

“Slug, your feet are burning.” “Shut the fuck up,” he groaned, a single lick of flame tickling up from his shoe. “I was saying something.” “I knew it,” said Tom. “I saw it coming.”

Black Holes and Constipation

I’m still alive and still writing guys, I swear. I’m just doing lots of stuff. I know that’s vague, but, um, yeah. Here’s some proof that I’m still at it.  Click the picture at the bottom to download the story. It’s about a guy with a job and a family. He talks funny. Check it […]

The Philosophy of Waiting or: Why Young Me would Despise Me

When’s the last time you had to wait for something — and I mean like, physically plop yourself down and wait? It’s not a very fond memory, right?  But unless you were waiting in line at the DMV, it probably didn’t have to be all that bad. Let me tell you why:

The Dream Machine (Old Draft)

You guys want some robots? You guys want some philosophy? Well, here’s a story about BOTH! Just imagine the implications of a robot who can dream! So click read more, (or just scroll down if you were linked to this page directly) and enjoy.