flash fiction


If you check the top menu, you’ll see I added a link called “grayspaces.” At first, it might be a little bit disconcerting, as it immediately takes you away from the main layout of the rest of this website. But that’s okay. Concerts are loud and bad for your ears. Sorry. Anyway, I’m putting weird […]

Chaser, No Chaser

My fists are bursts of endless light. My breath is the air that wraps your world like Christmas morning. I am the spark that lit life’s murky catalyst. I am the God of thunder.


A belch lifted from his inner belly, brushing his palate with previous poison. His torn shirt hung wet to his tanned and calloused body. The trash eaters were out en masse, flexing their waxy jaws, pulverizing age old grime. He stumbled over broken glass, both hands balled into fists and teeth grinding as crimson blood […]

Old World

We sat by the railway, reading our papers. Mine was from 1985. His from 2013. We were both reading about people who’d gotten away with murder, one way or another. My feet were warm inside my shoes. Ashes were falling like snow, and the train was not going to come.