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New Year, Similar Me

It’s a new year. Let’s all read, write, and be merry. I’ve got some things lined up to post on this fresh, redesigned website. I’ve also added a link to the main menu at the top of this site to cater to the hundreds of people who keep sending me E-mails asking how they can […]


If you check the top menu, you’ll see I added a link called “grayspaces.” At first, it might be a little bit disconcerting, as it immediately takes you away from the main layout of the rest of this website. But that’s okay. Concerts are loud and bad for your ears. Sorry. Anyway, I’m putting weird […]

Site Redesign

I’m changing everything around right now on here, which is probs super obvious, but I just want to make an official statement. Stay tuned, guys. My website’s going to be super cool. I promise.


i do not know what to put on here any longer i do not know what to use this site for i would like to do something though

Of Togepi and Men: Why is Pokemon Still Relevant?

I have an unopened copy of Pokemon: Omega Ruby sitting on my table. I have writing to do. I have a long, long list of things I need to do that aren’t writing. I should have never bought this game. But I did. And I’m going to play it.

Lack of Updates

I have an About Me page. I haven’t updated this site in a long time. I’m editing this post from March because it said I’d update soon. I didn’t