Hi, I’m Max

I write.

That’s me  high-fiving Mega Man when I was a teenager. I’m 23 24 now, and I went to school for creative writing. I play lots of video games, read lots of books, watch lots of movies, and try to spend as much time outdoors as I can. Togepi is my aesthetic.

Stories are my thing. I like Mega Man. Kurt Vonnegut, Raymond Carver, Thomas Pynchon, Neil Gaiman, and Barry Hannah are some of my favorite writers. Mostly I just read the notes people leave on my fridge, though.

This site is where I post a lot of my fiction. I haven’t been updating this page very often. I’ve been busy with personal projects, shuffling jobs, and just generally stumbling through post-collegiate life. I still write fiction. You can find short stories and old poetry on here (though I don’t write much poetry anymore), and even the occasional opinion piece. Some of what I consider my best work available on this website is organized here for your convenience, though it’s also pretty old.

So if you read something you really like, hate, or are just plain ambivalent about, leave me a comment! Use those social media buttons at the bottom of my posts to spread some words. It helps me out more than you might think.

If you wanna chat and follow what I’m up to, connect with my facebook page. Or, if you’re new-old-school, just shoot me an email. If you’d like to hire me for a job, that’d be awesome.




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